Anula and Sanoshi

Anula, one of our seamstresses works from her home in Katugastota. She has been a part of the team since its inception in 2019. She has been stitching clothes since her early 20s.  She loves to sew infant clothes the most. Besides sewing, she is also a talented hand embroider. 

Sanoshi, Anula’s daughter-in-law joined us in November 2021 and is the youngest member of our team. She used to watch her mother-in-law sewing and developed a great fascination and love for it. Today she is a clever and versatile seamstress. 


Navaratne, the oldest member of our team is 75 years old. We refer to her as our smock master as she has over 30 years of experience and has trained many young people over the years. She is able to smock any sketched design. Navaratne has also been with Amalie’s Baby Armoire since its beginning in 2019 and works from the comfort of her home. She lives in Kandy with her husband.


Suneetha also known as Suni, is our super talented all-rounder. She is clever at dressmaking, hand embroidery and smocking. She works at the atelier and from home. Suneetha joined the team in 2020 as a part time hand embroider and since last year become a full time member. She lives in Kiribathkumbura with her elderly mother.


Nanyana is always full of humour and keeps us in stiches. She is an expert on smocking and hand embroidery. She is responsible for training all the new members who join the team. She is versatile and is able to stitch at the machine as well. She works both at the atelier and from home. Nayana has been with Amalie’s Baby Armoire from 2020. She lives in Wattegama with her family.


Manel creates much of the beautiful hand embroidery on our blankets and baby dresses. She has extensive experience in embroidering and pays great attention to details. Manel joined the team at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and is happy to work from home as it gives her the flexibility to look after her aged mother. Manel lives in Katugastota too.


Affectionately known as Nanda akka, joined the team at the end of last year. She works both at the atelier and from home. She is a talented hand embroider who is responsible for all the beautiful edgings on our baby clothes. At the moment she is taking baby steps in mastering the art of hand smocking. Nanda lives in Polgoalla with her family. She adores her five year old granddaughter.


Dilini has been with us from the beginning of this year. She is learning to smock at the moment but also helps out with sewing and packaging. Dilini lives with her mother in Kandy and works full time at the atelier.


Padmini is Nayana’s sister who joined us early this year as a part time hand embroider. She lives in Wattegama with her family and works from home.


Mangalika is talented in both hand embroidery and smocking. She joined Amalie’s Baby Armoire at the middle of this year and works part-time from home. She lives in Wattegama with her husband.