We are a women-owned and women-operated, slow fashion manufacturer. Our clothing is made by a talented group of ladies. They are given the freedom to either work from our atelier or from the comfort of their homes thus giving them the flexibility to take care of their families as well as to earn a steady income.

Est. 2019

Our Story

All our garments are stitched in cotton, linen, or silk fabrics that are soft and gentle for the babies skin.
The remnants are upcycled to make hair ornaments and buttons.
Amalie’s Baby Armoire also encourages other artisans as bobbin lace makers and crocheters by
purchasing their products to embellish our clothing.
When you purchase clothing from Amalie’s Baby Armoire, you not only own a beautifully and lovingly
made item, but also help empower women and encourage a cherished piece of clothing to be passed
down from one generation to the next.

About Amalie

Since my childhood, I have always loved colors and textures. I would watch my grandmother and
mother crocheting, sewing, and embroidering for hours but never had the inclination until my mother-in-law encouraged me to try her favorite hobby, hand embroidery. And lo and behold, I turned out to be
pretty good at it!

It was a friend who encouraged me to start my own business with a few sample photos of hand-embroidered baby dresses.
In 2019, with much trepidation and excitement, I launched Amalie’s Baby Armoire.
I received my Degree in Arts from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I worked in development and
in research on conflict studies before starting Amalie’s Baby Armoire. Empowering women is something
that is very dear to my heart and Amalie’s Baby Armoire gave me the perfect opportunity to employ a
wonderful team of talented ladies in sewing, hand embroidery, and smocking.